How much does it cost to cut asphalt

The process of cutting asphalt with a circular saw is an advantageous way of cutting sidewalks and driveways. With the help of Asphalt Blade and circular saw, we can do our cutting job by ourselves. About 90% of people use roads and sidewalks every day. With the emergence of the environment, potholes and cracks will appear on the surface of the asphalt. Because of that, there is a need for the replacement of that damaged area. We can reconstruct the cracked part with the help of an asphalt patch.

An asphalt patch is a ready-made mixture of asphalt that comes in cold form. We can pour it into the potholes and press it with heavy material. It will vanish the pothole and your path is all new again. If the construction process of the damaged area is on a domestic base, then it is easy to handle the task. It is not a big deal to face. When it comes to immense projects like reconstruction of the roads, then it requires a proper staff and machinery. It can be said that the cost and use of equipment are according to the task. If the piece of work is minute, it will take less time and money. If it is large, then many things need to be hired.

 For domestic use, we can use small cutting blades that are easy to use. We install the blade in the circular saw and start using it by switching it on. We can use any saber in that tool but it should be according to the size of the machine. For big projects, we use machines like Zipper. A zipper is a machine that grinds the asphalt within minutes. Several blades are attached at the bottom of the machine. Those blades rip off the asphalt in snaps.

Cost for the Domestic Purpose

The cost of cutting asphalt for small tasks is not expensive. An average blade for the cutting of asphalt will cost you almost 15 to 20 dollars. But, it does not mean you can use any blade for any cutting material. If your patch is big then you have to choose a big blade. The range of asphalt cutting discs starts from $10 and goes up to $100. Now it is your choice which cutting blade is for your purpose.

If you are planning to buy an average blade, then you have to buy more than one. An average blade will last for a few hours if you do not use the wet cutting method. If you get a super saw that has high quality, it will cost you almost 80 to 90 dollars. You can use it for a long time and enhance its durability by using a wet cutting procedure. So, instead of buying an average blade, buy a high-quality blade More info. If you own an average blade, you have to purchase more than one.

Cost of Circular Saw

A Circular saw is a gadget that helps in running a blade. We cannot cut through asphalt if we do not have the apparatus to spin it at high speed. For that reason, there is a need to buy a circular saw machine as well. A circular saw will cost you up to 50 dollars. Its price starts from 30 dollars. Do not go for below-average tools to waste your money. If you go for them, you will face disasters. So, the cost of cutting asphalt with the help of an asphalt blade will cost you about $150. The use of your strength and time is apart from it.

Cost for Massive Projects

We cannot use small blades for the cutting of asphalt for massive projects. It is a waste of strength and time. If one is planning to do it, then it will take days to complete the task. For the vast construction mission, there is a need to hire big machines or experts. They can do their job the easiest way. For the massive task, it will cost you hundreds and thousands of money. Because there is a need to hire experts and machinery.

To run those tools we need electricity power as well. So, for hiring a genuine management team, we have to pay the bill in thousands. Such a task will come if we are working with big construction companies. So the payment of money is not a big deal for a company to pay.


To a whole, cutting asphalt with Asphalt Blades is not a sturdy work and cost-effective task. If we use the best quality blades and a spinning tool, then it will save our time, strength, and money. It will cost us more if we do not follow the instructions for cutting. For massive projects, it is pretty expensive to deal with bills.

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